Thoughts on the Ryder Cup

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Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:30 pm

If you are a golfer and who would not want to be, know that the Ryder Cup is a competition between the world's best golfers and really, America's best golfers. The world against America...sounds familiar doesn't it? This competition is held every two years and alternates between Europe (Scotland/England) and America.

Is it just me or is this simply a competition to get highly overpaid golfers together in brand new matching outfits with some worldwide wagering on the side. Oh...let us not forget the drunkards on both sides of the pond that tend to show themselves at this event.

Let's be very real here. Can anyone tell me who won in 2010? 2008? 1994? Is it really that important for them to have made such a big deal about it for months and months and months? Secondly, these very same golfers are playing each other (I know this because I watch golf every single Thursday - Sunday) every single week during the PGA Tour season, including something far bigger than the Ryder Cup...the $10M FedEx Cup. That money is on top of the final Tournament winnings of well over $1M dollars.

They make such a big deal out of this and I can not figure out why? So, we can say we beat you, or you can say you beat us? I think there needs to be something more about this competition. For instance, the losing team must donate $1M per player to some respected charity of the winners choice. Cancer research, Alzheimer's research, Children's Hospitals. Put something of substance behind this competition.

That's just my take and trust me, I am a golf freak! Love it, can't get enough of it.
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