NCAAF October 8th.....

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Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:29 am

Glad to see Iowa notch a win. Wonder if Rutgers regrets joining the Big 10 = 78-0? -sheesh!
Proud that Razorbacks put up a good fight vs the Tide. Tough game for them.
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Cheers, Pete
Go Vikings!
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Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:24 am

Pretty good weekend of football depending on who you like and who your root for but then again, any college football weekend is a good one.

Sadly my Houston Cougars looked like they just did not want to be in Annapolis. That is so uncharacteristic of a Tom Herman team. Yes, the playoffs were a long stretch for U of H and this loss absolutely knocked any chance of them being there. However, it does not take away the entire year. Remember, last year we lost to UConn and still won the Conference and then went on to beat Florida State in the Peach Bowl. We have beaten U of Oklahoma this year. Yes, U of H will need some help to make sure they get into the Championship Game of the Conference but I do not doubt for a second they will be in a major bowl. The question is, will they be able to keep Tom Herman.

In my opinion, the two best teams in America are Ohio State and Alabama. However, we do have a pretty good match up coming up in two weeks with A&M going to Bama. Going to be touch for the Aggies to win there but it has been done before. Bama must first get past TN, which they should do but stranger things have happened.

Yes, Rutger's must have some regrets, Pete.

I felt badly for the Hogs. I thought for a few minutes they might be able to hang but Bama is too strong and the Hogs are too weak in too many places.
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