The Houston Cougars do it again

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Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:08 am

So, my Alma mater, the University of Houston did it again last night on national TV. They defeated and handsomely, the #5 ranked Louisville Cardinals.

I firmly believe the Cougars would be at #5 right now had they not slipped up on Navy and SMU and here is why that happened.

Tom Herman is THE hottest coach in America right now. There is no question (sadly) that once again, the University of Houston will be a stepping stone for another great coach to be launched somewhere else. There are a handful of teams that have no doubt already reached out to him..U of Texas, LSU, Oregon and in my opinion, Texas A&M will make a change shortly. That is two SEC teams, one for sure that are vying for Tom Herman

Several weeks ago on the Sunday that Les Miles was fired, every news outlet had Tom Herman as the #1 choice. Those kids on the UofH team heard and many believed it, knowing the history of U of H and their head coaches. That next Saturday a whole different team showed up at Navy and the Cougars did not show up. The very next week Charlie Strong was in the news and guess who the candidate was that was hyped up for UT's job? Tom Herman. So they play like crap against Tulsa. The next week, the Big 12 says NO to UofH. Guess what.....chances are that sealed the deal for Tom Herman. They lose to lowly SMU and big time.

Somehow he gets them fired back up and they demolish the #5 team and NO, Louisville is not overrated. They are an explosive, very good football team and U of Houston outplayed them and outcoached them.

I personally feel Tom Herman is a Nick Saban type of Coach. I think he is of the same caliber, although much younger and a bit more laid back than Saban. Ok, a lot more!

The Cougars have beaten two Top 5 teams this year, Oklahoma and Louisville. No other team can say that including Alabama. Could they beat Bama...probably not but I would not bet anything on it and at the very least they would give them a great game.

I only hope they are honored with a really good bowl game...Holiday, Cotton, Peach, Outback. They are deserving of it and most certainly if they beat Memphis this coming Friday night. Gonna be tough as Memphis has a good ball team and it is in Memphis. That would put them at 10-2 with two signature wins this year.
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