Alabama vs. Clemson - Redux 2017

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Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:04 am

No comments from the Roll Tide legion?
This was a victory for happy coaching. This was a win that shows you do not have to be a joyless automaton to win it all. Coaching football has become so deadly serious that it was fair to wonder whether fun guys even belonged in the profession anymore.

They do. Dabo is the proof that it can be done.
Swinney is the antithesis of the legendary coach he beat Monday night, Nick Saban. Where Saban expressed little more than grim satisfaction after his five national titles won, Swinney is an unchecked geyser of emotion. Nobody was capping his joy after this victory.
Cheers, Pete
Go Vikings!
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Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:21 pm

Well, I will add my two cents worth and since we are on college football, I had a bit of a thrill this morning taking my flight to Dallas from Houston to connect to Charlotte. I sat behind Andre Ware, Heisman Trophy winner, Andre Ware and national broadcaster. Really nice guy and we spoke for a few minutes once we got off the plane. I graduated from the U of Houston as he did and I guess we are like brothers now! :shock: :lol: Anyway, that is my famous person story of the day. On to THE game

I have to tell ya, there is a lot to say about this game and those two teams. Let me start off by saying, Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers and the Clemson nation. A well deserved win over what I believe to be possibly a top 1, 2 or at worst 3 best college team of all time, Alabama. What an incredible run by Nick Saban and this team especially going back to last year. In fact, I thought after the first quarter the game was over. That is what we have come to expect from Alabama.

With that said, I believe Alabama absolutely allowed things to happen that are not normally associated with a Bama/Saban team. Penalties that you never see Alabama committing. The passing game that was lacking by what is arguably, in my opinion, a top three QB in the country and a freshman to boot. On top of that, Jalen Hurt WILL win the Heisman Trophy. He is a talented, very calm kid and he is very impressive. Thirdly, a defense that was worn down at the end from 80+ plays and a secondary that was picked apart by THE best QB in the country. Although Bama knocked the crap out of Watson at least three times that I thought would take him out of the game. Also, it darn sure did not help matters that Bama's starting RB, who if you did not know better, is Derrick Henry all over again, got hurt and exited the game. But the biggy, the elephant (no pun intended) in the room was the Sarkasian promotion and the Kiffin firing. Look, I understand why Saban let Kiffin go. I believe Kiffin's head was trying to do two jobs and it was reflected in the Washington game. At the same time, no one can or will convince me that Saban was truthfully confident they would not skip a beat with the transition. Come on!!! From the look of the man, to his voice, to his mannerisms to his play calling to the way he motivates......everything human that the offense and Hurt were used to with Lane Kiffin, they did not get with a one week standin. It is not humanly possible. Oh sure, Sarkasian has been around for most if not all season but it is not the same. That played a significant role. Lastly on Kiffin, I was one who in the beginning of his tenure at Alabama questioned Saban on his pick. I was wrong. Kiffin did a superb job, although don't kid yourself, Saban has his nose in every facet of that offense. I still do not believe him to be a Head Coach but I am open to be proven wrong on that one too!

Having said that, Clemson absolutely performed at the level they needed to. They made plays when they had to and the very end, the last minute.....WOW, that was UT vs. Southern Cal all over again and DeShaun Watson was Vince Young. The catches #7 made and the receivers were nothing short of spectacular. Their defense was also, for most of the game, Bamaesque. That is they put relentless pressure on the Bama offense.

All in all, I am not sure which game takes first place...Bama/Clemson 1 or Bama/Clemson 2 or 2005 Texas/USC but what an incredible 4 hours of football to cap a fantastic season. I am presently on my flight to Charlotte and just read the USA Today sports page. They are talking about who the very early preseason top 20 are and they are as follows, of course, this means little to nothing but it is fun to anticipate. Here is the top 15

Fl State, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Washington, Penn State, Clemson and Ok State.

Congratulations to the Bama faithful (I am one), I know you are depressed but no team/Coach has done what Saban has done over the past 5 years and as they say, Bama is simply reloading as we speak. They will be back in the 4 team playoff next year.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Clemson and the Clemson Nation and Dabo Swinney, a devout Christian, and Alabama graduate and player on a National Championship Alabama team. He also loves his Alma Mater...said it on National TV. He gave honor and glory to God Almighty. You guys brought it back to Clemson after 35 years and you gave us a game to remember for the ages.
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Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:11 pm

A great win for Clemson. Hated to hear that Alabama's Bo Scarborough suffered a fractured leg. Hope the healing goes well.

Can't wait for the next season! :D
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Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:59 am

Great summary! PK! I have been really sick the last few days and totally forgot/missed/slept thru the game. Woke up Tuesday afternoon late, saw something on Facebook about Alabama immediately dawned on me that missed game. So checked the score twice couldn't believe it. So with all that said enjoyed the summary a lot.

Congratulations to Clemson. Well deserved win since i heard that Alabama "wore" him out in the first half.

Congratulations to Alabama as well. With out a doubt they are one of the most talented dynamic teams with a great year coming much to my chagrin. ;)
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