Will Tiger Woods win again or retain his #1 ranking

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Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:23 am

Just wondering for you sports fans out there. Do you feel.....

#1. That Tiger Woods will ever win again and that includes a major?

#2 Needing that to happen, do you think he will ever be #1 again?

Frankly, this sports fan could care less. I actually enjoyed seeing him knocked down several rungs. Yet for some reason, each and every week, regardless of what accomplishments anyone else has, both CBS and NBC feel the need to focus in on Tiger Woods. I guess it relates to the train wreck mentality that networks relish!

In addition, until such time as he takes, "Brit Humes advice for Tiger Woods" (Google it, Brit Humes on Tiger Woods), I don't think he stands a chance. One would think that what has happened to him, would humble him and bring him to his knees in so many ways. I guess that is just another example of what, power, fame and money will do to a person. Wow.....the Bible speaks the truth again, who would have thunk it!!!!
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