Oil today?

Discussion of Gulf Oil Spill regarding Navarre Beach, Florida; the good, bad and ugly reports; however most of the reports of oil on Navarre Beach are good!
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Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:52 pm

pensacolakid wrote:I hope your posts, HOME2007 are deleted! They need to be if not! You are a disgrace to that slice of paradise!
pkid, there were quite a few posts, pics, and video when this all started 2 months ago that did not represent what was actually at NB. everyone was upset and excited and looking for news, and many jumped to conclusions. those posts were not deleted.

these recent pics are what is actually on the beach now - people should be able to see what it is like, because they keep asking. there will be those that will come anyway (and there are! :D ), and they will have a good attitude (and they do! :D ). the others that are really uncertain and iffy - they have to know what is there now, along with the fact that it could all be gone tomorrow. and that has happened - lucky you, pkid!! :D i hope that will occur again.

folks, as it has been said before, the fact of the matter is that conditions change at the beach CONSTANTLY, whether it be jellyfish, red tide, seaweed/june grass, rough water, storms, hurricanes, and sadly now, oil. what is there now may be gone in an hour or day. there is no predicting. so come, knowing the possibilities, yet knowing this is a beautiful place no matter the conditions.
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Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:25 pm


I understand the frustration about the Gulf Oil Spill that is beginning to impact several beaches of Northwest Florida. I understand that many people that want to visit Navarre Beach want to know the whole truth about Navarre Beach. It is important that those that post comments, photos and videos concerning possible oil tar balls on Navarre Beach, also be “FAIR AND BALANCED” by posting comments, photos and videos that betray both the good and bad about Navarre Beach.

I would like to see some of the forum members that have been recently posting only the gloom and doom comments, photos and videos, begin to post the positive and beautiful story of Navarre Beach as well. Where are your positive comments, photos and videos after the BP workers have cleaned up Navarre Beach? Come on guys let’s be “FAIR AND BALANCED”.

I will be watching some of you like a hawk that have recently come over to the Navarre Beach Life Forum from another Forum. Coming on this Forum to sabotage it and demean Navarre Beach will under no circumstances be tolerated.

I have already removed today the YouTube videos on this thread about Pensacola Beach. If you want to post information about Pensacola Beach go to the very bottom of the Index Page and click on the Pensacola Beach Forum. Or go to


I’m going to have the last say on this thread and put a lock on further posts! Let's start a new thread that is "FAIR AND BALANCED".

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