Video Town Hall about BP oil spill on August 12

Discussion of Gulf Oil Spill regarding Navarre Beach, Florida; the good, bad and ugly reports; however most of the reports of oil on Navarre Beach are good!
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Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:36 pm

I'm happy to announce that OSWER ( Solid Waste and Emergency Response )
will be holding our fourth Video Town
Hall discussion on Thursday, August 12 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST. The
topic of the conversation will be the BP oil spill. Anyone who wishes to
attend will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to myself and
other EPA experts.
Since the BP spill occurred, EPA staff have worked with local personnel
and other government agencies to minimize the effects of the spill. EPA
experts have been deployed to the Gulf to monitor land, air, and water
quality, provide guidance on the use of oil dispersants, and ensure that
oil-soaked waste is disposed of in full compliance with EPA standards.
We have also been meeting with communities and local governments in
order to hear their concerns and coordinate our response efforts.
We want to know what you think of EPA's response to the BP spill. What
information is useful to you? Have you had interactions with EPA staff?
What tasks remain?
There are two ways to attend the Video Town Hall:
1. Watch online. Access the streaming video feed at . You can e-mail questions to before or during the meeting. We will select a
representative sample of questions and answer as many as possible.
Please include your name or organization when submitting a question.
2. Call in. You can listen to the meeting toll-free by calling
1-877-220-5073, conference code 92762642. People attending by phone will
have an opportunity to ask questions towards the end of the meeting. We
will answer as many questions as possible.
As always, information about this Video Town Hall and previous
discussions is available at . I hope
you'll join me on the 12th.
Mathy Stanislaus
Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency
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