This is where you talk about pets, brag about your pet’s, and post photos of your pets. Did I say brag about your pets?
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YES…YES…YES get your dogs chipped! It is not that expensive to have your dog or cat micro-chipped. All 5 of our house dogs including 3 cockers, 1 shih tzu and 1 yorkie and our 2 mixed breed cats have collars that include the following identification tags: 1) stainless steel tag with the pet’s name, our name, phone number and address, 2) micro-chip tag, and 3) rabies vaccination tag that includes our vet’s contact info.

Our dogs and cats never have their collars and identification tags taken off even when its bedtime in their crates. The only exception would be when our dogs are bathed. And our 2 cats…have you ever tried to bathe a cat? LOL. When our dogs are taken outside they are “always” on a leash with no exceptions. Our cats are not allowed to go outside. As a pet owner you have a responsibility to protect your dog from becoming lost. Your pet will thank you for protecting them.

My wife and I have been together for 39 years and we have never had less than 3 dogs at a given time and we have never lost a dog.

I just called our vet The Navarre Animal Hospital and they say their micro-chip is $42.99 and the office visit is 42.00 (Total Cost: $84.99).
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