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Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:55 am
by AngelGirl

Here you can look up the name of a friend, relative or a stranger, for that matter, who gave their all in a wholly unappreciated and much maligned (mostly by the American press and Hollywood) war. You can argue about the necessity of being involved in it but our guys and gals should never have had to endure what they faced back home where they should have been welcomed w/open arms and appreciation!!

Upon this honored wall of stone,
You're together again, and not alone.
Together you laughed, together you cried,
Together you fought, together you died.
Together you stand in history,
Upon this wall for all to see.

Each name evokes a young man's face,
A warrior that stood to take his place.
To fight and die for liberty,
So others could live a life that's free.

If there's a place where heroes stand,
Surely you've gone to join their band.
You've left the horrors of war behind,
To cross death's bridge and hopefully find.
The peace denied you in this life,
Of endless wars and constant strife.
Together you walk with head held high,
No storm clouds gather to darken your sky.

The black man, red man, brown and white,
Will walk as one, no more to fight.
You're not forgotten, and will never be,
This stone bears witness for all to see.
Each one of you made the sacrifice,
And paid with life, the ultimate price.
Each one that died left a few of us here,
To show the world with a fallen tear.

We'll never forget, and always stand true,
To the memory of each one of you.
As long as there's life within my breast,
I'll take my place and stand with the rest.
And when it's my time to leave this land,
I hope you'll welcome me to your hero’s band.

Copyright 2002 - Roger Heard