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A BRILLIANT film, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, and absolutely stunning performances by Adriana Barraza and Rinko Kikuchi, who were both nominated for Oscars. Koji Yakusho also gave an incredible performance.

Premise: "Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families." [in 4 countries: Morocco, Japan, the US, and Mexico]

For all of us, this is such an important movie for today, right now. I had heard nothing about it when I viewed it, so I didn't know what to expect. My immediate reaction, throughout the movie was that it humanizes those in far-away places that we hear about on the news. This is especially true for the story in Morocco (which ends up representing those in the Middle East, at least for me it did). Most of us have no idea how people in that part of the world live their daily lives.

After I watched the movie, I heard the director say that he began making the film with the idea to show how disconnected human beings are in the world, and ultimately, the film showed him that he was wrong and that human beings indeed ARE connected.

And he's so right! "Babel" beautifully reminds us that the world is inhabited by "fellow" human beings, and we all may live with different ideas, traditions, religions, but we are all connected by our humanity.

I'd love feedback on this and hear what others think. (With its adult themes, this is not a film for children.)

[btw, this is not a political movie: he intelligently chose Morocco to portray the story in the Arab culture, instead of a political hotbed. He also shows the story of an illegal immigrant from Mexico, but her story is merely shown, and he respects the audience enough to let them make up their own minds.]
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sounds interesting.
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ok, seemed to leave me hanging at the end and wanting more of a wrap up.

it was interesting all of the effect and cause of actions across the world from a single item or the gun.
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