So now blacks are boycotting the Oscars

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Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:40 am

I no longer watch the Oscars, have not in a ten's upon ten's of years. I don't watch any of that Hollyweird crapola but I see on Fox News that several blacks are boycotting this year's Oscars because it consists of all white nominees.

So now their moronic "racists" views and demands are seeping into the awards shows. I suppose because blacks are in show business and in the movies that they should automatically have a role in the acceptance of the awards based on their skin color.

How about trying this on for size, whether it is vying for a job, a salary, an Oscar......DO WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE VERY BEST AND LET YOUR PERFORMANCE SPEAK FOR YOU. Blacks are owed NOTHING because of their skin color or what happened 200 years ago. If you don't have anyone nominated for "Best" it is probably because the Academy and the people did not think any blacks were the best. How about reality. Idiots!
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