ATV trail on beach

You can find here photos, videos and information about the 7 miles of the National Seashore that includes Opal Beach between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach. Here you will find updates about the reconstruction of the National Seashore Road.
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The last 4 times we have been to opal beach and the surrounding areas there is always a series of ATV tracks that run as far as the eye can see. I understand that there is a need for monitoring of these areas but this past Sunday when we were out there this series of tracks has started to create a road bed. Can these areas not be walked or observed from different means!? It contradicts the fact that is a protected area. We found a nest w/ egg inches from a track earlier summer. Every picture we took facing east or west has a very pronounced ATV trail running right down the middle of it.
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Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:10 pm

You might want to ask the Feds that manage the National Seashore of the neccessity of the ATVs. I know they use them to monitor turtle and bird nestings along the beach, a important and necessary duty of the park rangers. They saved lots of turtle nests this season, moving some of them, hard to carry a cooler of 100+ eggs without the help of ATVs. Do not have the man power to cover all the National Seashore on foot any way!

Doubt any "roadway" would last long with rain, wind, tide, and waves to wipe it away.

Did you take a picture of the bird nest and eggs close to the track? Could they have gotten close to check the nest as quickly as possible so not to disturb mama bird more than neccessary? They could have been checking to see if any eggs remained after a racoon or some other critter might have raided it. Were there animal tracks around the nest? Was mama bird there with you, protecting her nest and eggs?
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