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Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:23 pm
by Kayak Dave

What: 11th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration

When: March 26, 2011

10:00 am until 2:00 pm

Where: Shoreline Park South, Gulf Breeze (Across from the Recreation center on Shoreline Drive)

Contact: Chris Verlinde 623-3868

Seagrass Awareness is an annual family event held at Shoreline Park South in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This year, activities will include live marine life in touch tanks, “eat a seagrass bed,” make a shark tooth necklace, seining, games, fishing, marine creatures, arts and crafts, food, displays, explore a seagrass bed, boating safety, fishing, kayaking scallop gardening and more!

Bring your family and friends, water, sunscreen, hat, water shoes, lawn chairs and join us for a fun filled day!

March is Seagrass Awareness Month in Florida!

Seagrasses are a valuable part of the marine environment and support our local economy. Most commercial and recreationally important fish, crabs and shrimp spend some time of their lives in seagrass beds! Not only do these underwater grass beds help keep water clean, but they also provide food and shelter for young fish, shrimp and crabs. Endangered species, such as manatees and green sea turtles, depend on seagrass beds for food! Seagrasses, clean water and natural resources play a vital role in the economy of NW Florida. To ensure a healthy environment and economy for future generations, let’s work together to limit our impacts on our natural areas! Come to the Seagrass Awareness Celebration on Saturday, March 26th at Shoreline Park South to learn what you can do to make a difference!

Want to volunteer? Below is a list of activities:

Please respond to this email if you are interested in volunteering!

For more information contact: Chris Verlinde

850-623-3868, Fax 850-623-6151

Debbie Barlow

850-983-5359, Fax, 850-983-5361

At most of these activities we would like to have 1-2 people at all times, and have volunteers work in shifts of 2 hours at time (10 am -12 am, 12 pm -2 pm ) possible. We will begin setting activities up at 7:30 am. This is a list of what we plan to have at the festival. Any other ideas suggestions or comments are welcome. You don’t have to be a pro to run an activity, enthusiasm will do! Listed is what kids may learn, be creative and tell about what you know, and most of all have fun.

Touch tanks, Ben Russell and Shelly Alexander will need help with the tanks. (1-2 people) to monitor tanks and help with water exchanges, etc. keep

Sign-up here: _________________time available________

Critter collection, keep an eye on kids w/ nets along the shore: Collect critters and rotate new critters into the touch tank. It would be good to have a couple of people to help kids with w/ nets. We will have seining and dip nets available. Kids learn about how many different types of critters can be found in seagrass beds, and habitat the seagrasses provide for fish and wildlife.

Sign-up here__________________________ Time available ______________.

Pensacola Recreational Fishing Association Backyard Bass. (5-10 volunteers), Kids will increase their casting skills by casting for plastic backyard bass. Help kids fish for the plastic bass and fish along the waterfront or pier w/ rod and reels. Sign up here: ______________________time available________

Kayak Demos and rides/Dave Barker (2-3 volunteers)

Kids and adults will learn proper kayak safety and techniques. Dave Barker provides kayaks; preferably someone w/ some kayak experience will help:

Sign up here ___________________________________time available______

Sea Creatures

Find marine critters in tub w/ sand and water. Kids tell how the critters depend on seagrass and win a prize. (1 person)


Kids will shift through sand and water to find plastic sea critters. When they find one they have to tell why (may take some prompting from the person in charge) or how the critter depends on seagrasses. Each participant gets a prize.

Sign up here ________________________________time available_________

Fishing limit game, 1 person

Bag limit and size limits of fish are displayed on a board. Kids use a small fishing pole w/ a magnet to try to catch a paper fish. The size of the fish is written on the back of the fish, the kid tells whether the fish is of legal size and can tell how many they can catch in a day. Kids learn about fisheries management, fish and why it is important to have bag and size limits. Each participant gets a prize.

Sign up here ________________________________time available_________

Shark tooth necklaces, (1- 2 people)

Guide kids w/ making shark teeth necklaces

Sign up here: ______________time available________

Build a Seagrass Meadow, (1-2 people)

Kids will insert pipe cleaners into a 2”x2” square of Styrofoam; add a number of beads and fish. Teaches about diversity and numbers of organisms that utilize SG meadows. ******* we may not include this activity, anyone have any ideas of what we could use instead of Styrofoam????

Sign up here ________________________________time available_________

Fish printing, table under pavilion, (1-2 people)

Kids use rubber fish to make fish prints. Learn about fish adaptations such as mouth shape, tail shape and color.

Sign up here________________________________ time available_________

Face Painting/and or tattoos (1-2) volunteers

Sign up here ____________________________ Time available _________

Sea Turtle maracas

Make a sea turtle maraca out of paper plates and bowl fill with dried beans and make music.

Sign up here __________________________ Time available _______________

Recycled water bottle Fish (1-2 volunteers). Use recycled plastic water bottles to make fish. Pour a small amount of paint into the bottle. Replace lid and shake the paint over the inside of the bottle. Glue pectoral, dorsal and caudal fins on the “fish” add googly eyes and mouth.

Sign up here: ___________________________ Time available____________

Fish facts beach ball. 1 volunteer) get a group of kids together and throw the beach ball full of facts around, kids catch and read a fact nearest where their right thumb lands on the beach ball.

Sea Creature Characters (2-3 volunteers): Dress up in your favorite sea creature costume and entertain the participants.

Displayers 2011:

AP office

Resource Rangers- EECT

Florida Terrapin Working Group

Roy Hyatt Environmental Center

Frances M. Weston Audubon Society

Gulf Breeze Optimist

Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida

UF/IFAS Florida Sea Grant

FDEP Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas (CAMA)

FDEP Ecosystem Restoration

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance

Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary

Sea Creature Characters

Southern Association of Marine Educators

Chris Verlinde

UF/IFAS Santa Rosa Sea Grant Extension

6263 Dogwood Drive

Milton, FL 32570