International Health Expert To Visit Destin

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Can Calcium and Minerals Cure Disease?

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Can Nutrition Cure Disease?

A huge question especially in today's climate of Big Government trying to regulate and outlaw natural supplements. We are in a very tenuous time in our history.

We have an amazing opportunity this weekend, 10 am March the 3rd in Destin at the Bayside Inn in the beautiful Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Robert Barefoot, a chemist, scientist, world-recognized author and authority on nutrition and alternative medicine will be the keynote speaker and focus of the “Barefoot on the Beach 2012” Health Expo.

Bob Barefoot is known for his break-through and often controversial research which has led to uncovering the world’s most effective health supplements.

Scientific evidence provided by some of the world’s most renowned scientists is tied together into one cohesive scientific argument that demonstrates that nutritional deficiency is not only the cause of degenerative disease but by correcting the deficiency, these diseases can both be prevented and reversed.

This event centers on promoting proper nutrition and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

In this limited Saturday experience, guests are invited to interact with Bob in a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere while relishing in the paradise-like setting.“As the star of the most successful infomercial in television history, Bob is rightfully a celebrity and is normally speaking to crowds of hundreds or thousands of people” says Brad Riley, owner of Advanced Edge and chief event sponsor.“The goal of this event is to allow guests to interact with Bob in a smaller, more exclusive setting.”

Bob Barefoot feels that the peaceful, serene setting of one of Florida’s best kept secrets will be the perfect backdrop to reveal the importance of nutrition and to soak up the plentiful vitamin D that Florida has to offer.

Bob’s goal is to cure America.“Modern medicine seems to be unaware that the human body can cure itself of all disease if given the proper nutrition” says Bob.“In this event, I want to show guests that pain; suffering and premature death can be easily eliminated with supporting scientific evidence and previously unrevealed case studies.”

Come to the Bayside Inn inside of the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort at 10 am Saturday March the 3rd, 2012.

This Saturday come and learn the secrets to health and longevity. Even participants will also be treated to a Free Lunch for attending this extraordinary event!

The event is Free but please pre-register online at or call 850-396-0073
Live Healthy without Fear!
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