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This is where you can find the Pier fishing reports, Pier photos of those huge fish, and other information. This is a beautiful place to walk along the Pier and shoot memory photos of the Pier and Navarre Beach. Bring your camera and post your Pier photos here!
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Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:12 am

Beach Spider wrote:
AngelGirl wrote:Hey, Spidey, enjoyed the video of our former "hometown" ~ kept hoping it would go farther south and show our former biz site in the Shores!! Lotsa memories! Nice video!

I've never been to Navarre Beach ...
:| What's the difference between the 'old' and the 'new'?
Sorry, I'm missing something --- which "old" and "new"? Navarre Beach or Daytona??

Having lived in both places, I'd have to say the differences between DB and NB are quite drastic. Along w/the obvious differences in sand/water color, quality, etc., between the gulf and the Atlantic, picture a little town somewhat like Flagler Beach but on the Gulf. I think you'd really enjoy visiting NB sometime --- it will spoil you rotten for DB!! ;)

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