Benches along the Pier

This is where you can find the Pier fishing reports, Pier photos of those huge fish, and other information. This is a beautiful place to walk along the Pier and shoot memory photos of the Pier and Navarre Beach. Bring your camera and post your Pier photos here!
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Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:19 am

Hey, it is what it is, right. There are those that will defend the pier at all costs and that is fine. I agree that the alcohol thing with the condition of things out there is perhaps a recipe for some unfortunate incidents. You add together educational levels, alcohol, sun, tiredness, competition and yeah, potential for things. I have been privy to a couple of heated exchanges between locals out there and I reported one on the forum a while back. Again, the same ones I always mention. This was alcohol related and "n" words were flying and fists were clenched. Not mine! Maybe this "Bidding/Management of the Pier" issue is not a good thing???

I know this folks, if you see or hear things that you know should not be happening, PLEASE report it. Call it, call the desk. And how about some, SIGNS, management? How about doing your job!

Place some dang signs out there in addition to the many turtle signs. Like NO CUSSING! NO CATCHING AND RELEASING ON THE PIER. NO ALCOHOL BEYOND THIS POINT. LOOK BEFORE YOU SLING YOUR BAIT.
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