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We are new to this web site - a friend told me about it and I wanted to let everyone out there know what my husband and I are trying to do to help our wounded Heroes. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying the finanacial needs of those men and women who have been injured while they were in Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the previous battles America has been engaged in. Visit our web site at to learn more about our mission and who we are and what we do.

For those of you who are not familiar with what happens when someone is injured, let me tell you. Once they are stateside, things are not as rosy as you would hope they would be. According to the government officials I have spoken with, the VA is at least 2 years behind on paperwork. Thus, many of these very deserving men and women do not have the financial income due to them for their military service that is necesssary to support them and their families during their recovery period. On top of that, if the wife was working, she probably had to quit to help care for her husband. Also, there is a back-log for non-life threatenting surgeries. One of our vets has been turned away 3 different times and each time was told to come back in three months. The vet can't work, the spouse can't work and therefore, we frequently hear from a vet saying that the rent is overdue, they are going to repossess the car and the water and electricity are going to be turned off - - that's where we step in and try to make sure that does not happen!

If you are a vet in need, contact us.

If you are someone who can help us help our wounded Heroes, go to our web site and donate whatever you can. Our Heroes will appreciate your efforts more than you know.

For our Heroes,

Bruce & Shirley Perry
Shirley Perry
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