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I had to post this for any fellow JAWS fans and to remember Roy Scheider. (I'm still determined to stay away from other topics.) I saw this movie when I was younger when it first came out and I watched it with my hand over my face and saw most of the movie through my open fingers. This movie is still, to this day, is one of the reasons I'm still not 100% comfortable with going too far out in the Gulf! I understand JAWS 2 was filmed in Navarre. I think Roy Scheider was one of the finest actors of my generation.

This appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

SWEET TEA: Jaws actor spent last days in LR

By Jay Grelen

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LITTLE ROCK — They were at the side of his hospital bed, Roy Scheider’s wife and son, a circle of three, hands clasped, Death drumming its fingers.

Brenda Siemer and Christian Scheider, the couple’s 18-year-old son, knew, as Brenda puts it, that the actor already “had one foot on the other side of the river.”

And in his room at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, “Danny Boy” blared from Bose speakers. Three versions of “Danny Boy,” one of his favorite tunes.

“That may be unusual,” Ms. Siemer said Wednesday, recalling the moment from late Sunday night. “But why do you have to be quiet when you die? I thought, ‘We’re going to die with some noise.’”

We visited on the mezzanine at the Capital Hotel, which Ms. Siemermade her refuge in the last weeks of her husband’s life.

Warren Stephens was touring his newly renovated hotel and paused to speak to Ms.

Siemer, which prompted her to marvel at the compassion of the hotel staff and of people in Little Rock.

Mr. Scheider had been traveling to UAMS for more than two years for treatment of his multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood. He had been in Little Rock since the day after Thanksgiving because he had developed a staph infection after cutting his leg.

Mr. Scheider’s list of movie roles is long - The French Connection and All That Jazz, among them (both of which led to Oscar nominations) - but he is most famous for his role as the police chief in Jaws.

They came to UAMS after they learned about the work of Dr. Bart Barlogie, director of the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy at UAMS. It was their first time in the South.

“I was shocked by the genuine love, softness, the way people spoke to us,” she says. “My favorite phrase now is ‘bless your heart.’”

Ms. Siemer, an actress and documentary maker, spoke it like a Southerner.

Ms. Siemer ticks off names, spells them, recalls kindness.

Tony and Tonia. Dale, Terry, Christy, Joe, Jo, Bonnie and Angie. Doctors Thomas Andreoli and James Suen. To name a few.

And Felicia Paxton, of housekeeping, who took it upon herself to clean Mr.

Scheider’s room before she knew he was a famous movie actor. “She’s an angel disguised as a floor cleaner,” Ms. Siemer says.

Felicia was outside Mr.

Scheider’s hospital room the moment he died, the night before his 19th wedding anniversary, at the last notes of “Danny Boy.” She joined the family at his bedside.

“That was my funeral,” Ms. Siemer says.

She will return to New York on Friday. She was in no hurry to leave Little Rock.

“One of the things about death that you learn is that time is constant - it’s not linear. Maybe time moves at the speed of life. You are alive and dead all in the same moment. Now my every moment is slower and more sacred.”

Toward the end, when Christian came to Little Rock, his father asked him: “Are you here for the main event?”

“What’s that?”

“Dying,” the actor answered.

“It was,” Ms. Siemer says, smiling, “one more scene from All That Jazz.”

Arkansas, Pages 11 on 02/14/2008
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"This movie is still, to this day, one of the reasons I'm still not 100% comfortable with going too far out in the Gulf!"

I feel the same way, landlocked!

And thanks for sharing the article! It made me sad when I heard about his death on the news yesterday.
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