2016 restoration and beyond..........

2016 Navarre Beach Renourishment Project and the 2006 Navarre Beach Restoration Project. And updates/issues about beach storm surge sand erosion, dune vegetation, sea turtle/shorebird nesting and other.
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I found an August article that was of interest on this subject, and there is a lot more current info out there.
http://www.pnj.com/story/news/local/nav ... autologin=

A few comments....
The beach is NOT owned by any private individuals......hence the public access. By having condo owners/lease holders paying such a high (IMO) % of the costs leads to a false sense of entitlement / responsibility regarding beach access and beach decision making matters.
I for one as a resident of Navarre and Santa Rosa county am ready and willing to help pay our fair share of costs in future (and there WILL be future) restorations.
This is OUR part of the world...and OUR responsibility to manage. IMHO :)
Now on to getting it done.........
Navarre Press reports possible rescheduling dependent on grant rescheduling parameters. I would personally like this for self serving reasons.... but I don't build beaches for a living so am clueless about the physical and seasonal concerns with this.
More will be revealed.........and TY to Mr Wilder for giving us this forum :)
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