Another epidemic is here

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Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:33 am

I am reading report after report of these vaporing horrors occurring. Explosions, collapsed lungs, horrible infections, coma's....etc.,

If you vape, stop. If you have a child or relative vaping help them stop. This is no better than actual smoking.

God did not intend for smoke to be in His lungs. Of any kind. If one needs help to quit smoking there are ways better.

Unfortunately not too far from my home here in Houston, there is a strip center. The first store is owned by a middle eastern guy who also happens to be an ass. His store is a combination, smoke shop and cell phone place. Classy!! You cannot believe the kid traffic coming in there at all times of the day. I suppose I am going to now have to report him.

These kids and many adults think this is so cool to see that much "smoke" exiting ones body. It is quite unappealing actually.
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