Spartacus's $3 Trillion Global Warming Plan

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Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:16 am

As if Spartacus (Kory Booker the NJ lib) could not get any more whacked out, this guy is now proposing a Global Warming and Equality Plan to address warming and to make things fair for everyone should he be elected President. Dear God Almighty keep this clown down. Are you kidding me. Nope, I am dead serious. This clown actually wants to end fossil fuels by 2030. So everything and I mean everything that he and we consume....EVERYTHING, will be made of and with electricity. That also mean all planes will be electric. No gas cars. Keep in mind that this is only an American problem. We are the only ones who cause and can fix their global warming nightmare. Therefore we must tax America for this wonderful plan to work.

In addition, he wants everyone to be on a fair playing field. Meaning, those who work and succeed and make money must make sure that those that don't get their fair share.

Lunacy! He and the left are truly insane people.

By the way, ol Bernie's plan...yeah about $16 Trillion more in costs but he says it will pay for itself. The scary part, we have millions of brain dead people in this country, some that view this very forum that believe this crap and would vote for it. That is frightening!
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